Daily Archives: August 1, 2015

Jubilee Appeal

The results of the Menevia Jubilee Appeal – launched on the 25th anniversary of the diocese – are now in. Bishop Tom’s newsletter is published below which gives the breakdown of how each parish managed to raise £1,090,041 (click the image to make the pages bigger)

Jubilee News 6 page 1 Jubilee News 6 page 2

As you can see we did very well as a parish as we raised £30, 335! Congratulations and well done to you all!

1 Today!

The parish website and Facebook page are 1 today!

one today

Many thanks to all those who follow parish events online! In the past year we’ve had 22,525 individual views from 4,802 different people. The busiest month was December when 2,260 pages were viewed, but the busiest day was April 5th with 269 views. the most popular day for looking at the  website is Saturday and the most popular time is 6pm. It’s not just locals either – we have a small international following too: here are the stats for international visitors. (NB from Jan1st 2015 to today).