Daily Archives: March 21, 2020

On-Line Streaming of Sunday Mass

We hope to be able to live stream the Sunday Mass from our parish at 10:00am on Sunday Mornings and, if successful, to broadcast a weekday Mass at 9:00am. We’re also going to put videos online of other devotions, such as The Stations of the Cross and the Rosary. To view the live broadcast and video content you need to go to our YouTube channel at:            


or search within YouTube for “St David and St Patrick’s Haverfordwest”. You should see the following large brown circular “S” icon (for Saint). Click on this to access the channel.

If you click ‘subscribe’ and the ‘notification bell’ button, it will make using the channel easier for the parish, and will enable you to receive updates as to when we’re going live.

This is something new our parish is experimenting with and we’re not experts at this – but with some help from others, we’re learning, please be patient with us. We don’t have the most sophisticated technology to make it like watching the BBC, but we hope you get a lot from being able to pray with your own priests, in the church building that we all know and love.

Clearly one is not able to receive Holy Communion at home. Nevertheless, there has always been a pious practice of making a ‘Spiritual Communion’ at times when receiving the Sacred Host was not possible. The faithful would offer a prayer of desire towards the Sacrament, asking the Father to give them the graces they would have obtained if they’d received the Sacrament itself. A prayer of spiritual communion is given below.