Children, what are you doing? Adults, are you failing them?


In the UK the age of sexual consent is 16 (Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000). Any person engaging in sexual activity where one of the people is under this age, is party to a criminal act.

Why then are primary school children among 1000s of girls who have been given the contraceptive implant by the NHS? Over the last 5 years almost 10,000 under 16s (including at least three ten-year olds) have been implanted with contraceptive devices.

Norman Wells director of The Family Education Trust said “Fitting young girls with contraceptive implants is quite simply indefensible. It is giving them the green light to engage in illegal sexual activity and robbing them of the protection that the age of consent law is intended to give.”

NHS England figures obtained through a freedom of information request show about 50 twelve year-olds and 300 13 year-olds, as well as 3,000 14 year-olds and 6,000 15 year-olds were given contraceptive implants over the last five years. Numbers may even be higher as dozens of trusts did not or were unable to provide full figures.

When will we wake up and ask the state to protect our young children from abuse, and not allow the state to simply minimise the effects (pregnancy) that such abuse may cause?

If you lived next door to a wanted car thief would you call the police, or take the wheels of your car to stop it being stolen? If your ten year old daughter is being sexually abused, do you want the perpetrator prosecuted, or would you prefer the state to give her a coil?

Many of us are simply unaware of what is happening with sexual health among our younger members of society, and its time we work up to do something about it.

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