60 Years of Mary Immaculate School

Mary Immaculate School Logo

Under the direction of Sister Bosco Costigan and Mother Eucharia Keane, 60 years ago this week, a small group of children stated their Catholic education at Haverfordwest. On January 15th 1957, the first ever lesson of the newly established school of Mary Immaculate took place. Deo Gratias!

That event was to change the direction of Catholic Schooling in Pembrokeshire because the County Town now had is own Catholic School perched on the edge of Merlin’s Hill. Originally housed in the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, the newly established school started to grow and additional buildings were built. The number of students on the roll increased and not before too long, a thriving community was established.

As time has passed there have been many successes recorded for the school, but also some setbacks too. Nevertheless, in all things God’s providence has given time for growth and development. Who can forget the tears when the sisters left and returned to Ireland, the joy and pride of the school band when they played for the Pope in Rome and the stunned despair when buildings were burnt down and work went up in smoke.

And yet today, pupils, parents and staff, both past and present, came together to celebrate our common heritage of all that has been and to usher in, with God’s blessing, all that will be.

As we look to the past history of Mary Immaculate School, may we be inspired with confidence to continue our mission together of “living and learning in the light of Christ.”