Vespers of the Annunciation

Please find below the Order of Service for tonight’s sung Vespers. We begin the webcast at 6:30pm.

The service of Vespers commences with a hymn which is followed by three Psalms. The Psalms are sung using Gregorian Chant, and the notes are printed with the text for those who can read music. Even if you cannot read music, it should be easy to join in because the cantor leads one verse, while everybody else sings the next. This pattern of alternate singing then continues: Cantor, then everybody. Cantor then everybody… etc. Fr Liam will be the Cantor tonight, with Fr Matt leading the congregation’s part. Please join in with Fr Matt’s singing.

A Short Reading and Responsory follow, as printed in the Order of Service. After this the altar is venerated with the burning of incense, while together we all sing the prayer of the Magnificat. This is the prayer Mary recited when she met Elizabeth; and John the Baptist leapt for joy in her womb. A series of bidding prayers follows before we conclude with the Lord’s Prayer and Final Blessing.

The service concludes with the Marian Anthem which we have been singing at the end of Sunday Mass.