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The Pope speaks at Flame2

The following letter was read at Flame2:

“His Holiness Pope Francis presents His special greetings to all those persons who are participating in FLAME 2, taking place in Wembley Arena, London on Saturday, 7 March 2015.

Pope Francis Smiles

Speaking to young people during his recent Apostolic Visit to the Philippines, the Holy Father affirmed: “God surprises us. Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by God. Let us not have the psychology of a computer, thinking that we know everything… What do I mean? Think for a moment. The computer has all the answers, never a surprise… In the challenge of love, God shows up with surprises…. So let yourselves be surprised by God: Don’t be afraid of surprises, afraid that they will shake you up. They make us insecure but they change the direction we are going in. True love makes you “burn life”, even at the risk of coming up empty-handed. Think of Saint Francis: he left everything, he died with empty hands, but, with a full heart… so. be wise — think well, feel well and act well. and try to be wise. Let yourselves be surprised by God’s love, then go out and burn life… And I want to encourage you as Christian citizens… to offer yourselves passionately and honestly to the great work of renewing your society and helping to build a better world. (18 January 2015).

His Holiness imparts to all participants in FLAME 2 and their families and loved ones a special Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of abundant graces from Our Blessed Lord.

Archbishop Antonio Mennini

Apostolic Nuncio”


We all came back inspired from the Flame2 Conference at the SEE Arena Wembley.

Flame 1

16 pilgrims left Haverfordwest on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm. After a long drive, and having seen Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The Natural History Museum and Harrods, we arrived at 11pm at the Church of St Mary Moorfields, the one-time Cathedral in the Square Mile of The City.

Flame 2

The parish graciously afforded us the hospitality of their hall – many thanks to Canon Peter Newby and Abbot Christopher Jamison OSB – and after a good nights sleep (!) and breakfast we celebrated the morning Mass.

Flame 3

Then it was back to the bus for the short hop to the Wembley SEE Arena to join 8000 other young adults for the Flame2 event.

Flame 0

Live music was provided by Matt Redmond and guests speakers included David Wells who managed to present the Gospel in 6 minutes, Baroness Sheila Hollins who spoke on mental health issues and abuse, Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP introduced the liturgy and spoke on letting God look at us. There were interviews with volunteers from CAFOD as well as two young priests from Hexham and Newcastle. Cardinal Vincent Nicholls led us all in prayer with Exposition and Benediction.

Flame 19 Flame 7 Flame 16 flame 15Untitled Famle 13 Flame 11 Flame 10 Flame 9

We all took heart from the uplifting words of Cardinal Tagle of Manila who spoke on the Mercy of Christ. A truly inspirational many with many stories of Christ’s love for us – we were all touched.

Flame 8

 Alex Beckett was our diocesan representative who was invited to take part in the procession to the Altar, and to join the various speakers, bishops who were attending.

After meeting with some of the other groups we headed back to the bus for the long trip home, weary but uplifted!