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Jubilee Appeal

The results of the Menevia Jubilee Appeal – launched on the 25th anniversary of the diocese – are now in. Bishop Tom’s newsletter is published below which gives the breakdown of how each parish managed to raise £1,090,041 (click the image to make the pages bigger)

Jubilee News 6 page 1 Jubilee News 6 page 2

As you can see we did very well as a parish as we raised £30, 335! Congratulations and well done to you all!

Jubilee Appeal

Detail of a british ten pound note.

Congratulations to all who have helped contribute to the Jubilee Appeal which has now come to an end. This weekend, in his pastoral letter, Bishop Tom wishes to extend his thanks to all who have contributed in time, effort and money to this appeal which has now allowed the diocese to invest £1,100,000! The full text of the Pastoral Letter may be found here. JUBILEE APPEAL Pastoral Letter 03rd May

Jump Update


The money for the Jubilee Appeal has now started to come in! Here in St David and St Patrick’s parish we’ve already raised £1494. Last week bishop Tom had this to say:

“Congratulations to Fathers Liam Bradley and Mansel Usher for rising to the occasion for a Sponsored Sky-Dive in aid of the Diocesan Jubilee Appeal. Welcome back to earth, with a hearty bump to the Appeal Fund in excess of a reported £4k. Many thanks to all their sponsors.”

Please take a moment to look at the pictures on this site and on Facebook (link to the right of this page).

We Jumped!


More pictures will follow soon, but for now, a great big thank you to all who have been so kind and generous in their support!

The weather was fantastic, the views were stunning, hanging out of a plane puts your heart in your mouth, and flying through the sky for the Jubilee Appeal is worth it! A short film has been made of the occasion and will be sent to Fr Liam in the next 8 days. Once it’s arrived in the parish there will be a showing after the Sunday Masses!

The height was 12,000ft.

The top speed was about 130mph.

The free-fall time was about a minute.

The controlled parachute descent was for about five minutes, from 7000ft!

Jump Update


With only 18 days to go to ‘J-day’ I’m pleased to report that, so far, £684.00 has been pledged from our parish to the Menevia Jubilee Appeal. Of that, £340.00 has already been collected! Well done to you all, but let’s keep going – if you know anyone who would be able to donate, please ask them and let them know that their donation can be gift aided. I’m told that other parishes in the diocese are doing just as well too!

Jump Update

Jump Sponsor forms have now been sent out across the diocese – that’s about 51 separate churches. Keep watching this space as electronic sponsorship will soon be going live too! Fr Mansel and Fr Liam will jump from 12,000 feet – about 2.3miles – and will fall back to the earth at speeds approaching 120mph; The free-fall will take almost a minute….aghhhhh Scary stuff!