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Change a Life. Pray for Vocations to the Priesthood and Consecrated Life!

The 26th March is the 52nd World day of Prayer for Vocations! On this day, will you pray that your life might be changed by God’s grace? Will you pray that others will be changed by their encounter with a nun, priest, monk, or religious brother or sister?

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These video clips explore four different types of vocation – longer videos of the same people may also be found on YouTube!


The virtuous circle of changing lives

WHEN A PERSON ACCEPTS THE CALL OF CHRIST to be a priest or a religious, their life is changed. But so are the lives of thousands of people who will be touched through their ministry. Lives are changed through the preaching of a priest, through the care of a religious sister or brother, through the prayers offered by enclosed nuns and monks. In these ways, a life changed in turn changes many lives. Completing this virtuous circle is the prayer of lay people for vocations to the priesthood and religious life, combined with the encouragement of those they know who are considering such a vocation. This too can change a life.

Each year the Pope writes a letter for Vocation Sunday. This year the Message from Pope Francis on Good Shepherd Sunday emphasises the importance of our vocation taking us beyond ourselves as he focuses on the Exodus of Israelites.



Change a life

For more information or resources visit the National Office of Vocation Page


or contact Fr Liam, the Vocations Director of the diocese: revliambradley@gmail.com

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Letter for Vocations

Next Sunday, 26th April, sometimes called “Good Shepherd Sunday” is the 52nd world day of prayer for vocations when the church throughout the world looks towards fostering those who may have a vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life.

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In recognition of that day, Pope Francis has issued a pastoral letter which may be read by clicking here.



Have you ever given this serious time to consider? If not, why not?

Perhaps begin by looking at this Facebook page.

Do you have the strength of character to give you life to minister in the Church in any other way? Every year pastoral care workers give their life to serve their communities and the Holy See makes note of them. At the end of the year their names are published. Here’s the list of those who had the fortitude to minister to others and in so doing gave their all. PastoralCareWorkerskilledin2014.doc