Starbucks Red Cup.

There seems to be a lot of ink being spilled over the controversy that is the ‘red cup’ of Starbucks and whether it is for or against Christmas. While not getting much attention in the UK, it’s a hot topic in the US!

red cup 2

For those who don’t know, Starbucks have a new Christmas cup and it’s plain red. That’s it, no holly, no snowflakes and certainly no baby Jesus. But is it making an anti-christian statement by being so plain, or is it trying to do something Christmasy by being red (and not white)?
Perhaps it’s time, as Advent approaches, that as Christians we stopped criticising the colour of cups and what they may or may not stand for, and stood up for ourselves and what we stand for. We stand for our wonderful Christmas message that God became man – for us. What a great gift. Do we know what we are for and do we proclaim that message?